Friday, January 31, 2014

Orasi Inc. New Year’s Eve Launch Party

2014 started out in the right way – I picked up a fun event to photograph by way of the network.  That is network as in my network that I am trying to cultivate into to a grand network.  A friend (La Mark) passed my name on to a gentleman that was in need of an additional photographer for his New Year’s Eve event.  Now I have a new friend (Cory) and the network grows.  This event was held at the Indian cuisine restaurant, Chakra, in Beverly Hills.  A really nice place and the party was a whole lot of fun.  And you may notice a familiar face as in another friend of mine (Jeanilee) who I photograph often.  She and another friend were along to assist.  Enjoy.

I am not current on who’s who on the rising talent list in the movie industry – many people who were there might have been one of those rising stars but I would not have known.  I did notice a familiar face but could not place him at the time.  I have since learned that it was Glen Ratcliffe (on the right) who I have seen in a movie before.