Friday, January 31, 2014

Orasi Inc. New Year’s Eve Launch Party

2014 started out in the right way – I picked up a fun event to photograph by way of the network.  That is network as in my network that I am trying to cultivate into to a grand network.  A friend (La Mark) passed my name on to a gentleman that was in need of an additional photographer for his New Year’s Eve event.  Now I have a new friend (Cory) and the network grows.  This event was held at the Indian cuisine restaurant, Chakra, in Beverly Hills.  A really nice place and the party was a whole lot of fun.  And you may notice a familiar face as in another friend of mine (Jeanilee) who I photograph often.  She and another friend were along to assist.  Enjoy.

I am not current on who’s who on the rising talent list in the movie industry – many people who were there might have been one of those rising stars but I would not have known.  I did notice a familiar face but could not place him at the time.  I have since learned that it was Glen Ratcliffe (on the right) who I have seen in a movie before.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arts N Fashion Magazine

Wow, the year’s end is upon us.  Well, I have an assignment tonight in Beverly Hills – cool.  2014 will be a great year I know.  Here is something cool that happened in 2013 – got published in a publication not associated with my university – cool.  Enjoy.

Oh, I updated my website too.

Happy New Year!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Victorville’s Blue Dawn

I think I have said this before but the Victor Valley is a scenic place.  When you look around the place, you see how it could have easily been a vacation spot if it was approached that way years ago.  This blue dawn is another example of how amazing the views can be.

In this photo, I’m looking east north east, if you will.  It is a quarter past 6:00 am and you can see Apple Valley in the distance.  I think the layers of mountains are what really make the image.  Enjoy.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kauai the Garden Island, 3 of 3

Here are the last of my “artistic” shots.  These photos were taken from the north to the south of the island.  Enjoy.

 I shot these from the tour bus as we drove by what use to be plantation workers homes.

 Waimea Canyon

 You can’t help to want to stay here.
 Wailua River

 I have to go back some day

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Time of Great Happiness

You have to live up here in the Victor Valley in order to appreciate the significance of this bridge opening up.  They have had it planned for years.  They have been working on it for over a year.  Today they had a big “whoop tee-do” celebrating its initial opening.  That’s what the pictures are about.  You still can’t get on the interstate from it but you can cross to the other side (La Mesa Road) from Nisqualli Road.  You’re not forced to endure the standstill on Bear Valley or try your luck on Palmdale Road.  To get to Wal-Mart or the mall will only take 5 minutes instead of 15 to 20 minutes depending on what time of day it is for the same distance.  That’s a lot of gas idling away as you sit and wait.  And the freeway entries and exits should be operational within 30 days.  Just in time for the fall quarter.  Enjoy.

Thursday, August 22, 2013