Saturday, August 20, 2011

Power massage pro infomercial shoot one at Shutterstories in Riverside, CA, Part I

I want to get caught up my photos and put a bit of order to my random postings.  When I shoot, I shoot primarily portraiture and events.  Well, that is pretty much everything.  But I have shown very little of that – what I shoot.  Last weekend on August 13, 2011, I had a photo shoot with a charmingly photogenic young woman by the name of Tangia.  On August 14, 2011, I had a photo shoot with a charismatic young woman who goes by the name of Jolie.  Today, I shot a young woman I had shot before, Sialainie, and her friend Michelle.  I would love to post a few shots from these shoots and others but I need to bring things up in perspective.  Way back in October of 2010, I did some TFP (trade for prints) work of this guy who had big plans.  I was going to ride the rocket ship to fame and wealth with him and his product, shoot many photos in the process, and get published.  No really, that is what he said.  Yeah…  But the shoot was fun even though it was all day and well over a 2800 frames for no pay.  You are right, what nut case would shoot such a great big TFP shoot.  Nevertheless, I could not complain - I was surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women who were great in front of the camera. 

The whole point of the shoot was to one, shoot some stills for DVD covers (exercise videos) and two, capture some behind the scenes stuff.  But the job was kind of weird in that the ‘boss’ did not want any type of networking going on between anyone present that day.  As though we were all going to get together behind his back and take his product and do it ourselves.  No, that was not on the menu.  Just the same, you could not hand out business cards or exchange numbers – at least not in front of him.  Like I said, weird.  In a blog entry on Thursday, December 2, 2010, titled The Freebee, I touched on shooting for this guy briefly.

The studio we shot at was Shutterstories in Riverside.  I would love to shoot there again.  It is a great facility.  However, this blog is about my first shoot for the Power Massage Pro (PMP) infomercial – yes, first – not only.  Oh, I shot this all with my Canon Rebel XS using the 18-55mm lens.  And since I have so much to show, this is part one (group stills) and I will do part two (individual stills) and part three (behind the scenes) afterwards.

And before I go, this is just one of the blogs I follow.  This one in particular, is also one of the young ladies I photograph too – Sialainie.  I like her blog and thought you might too.  Just follow the link to check it out.  Ok, the first PMP shoot:
They are Stephanie McGill, (she and I were planning on collaborating on some work together but we didn’t exchange numbers in time before the warden kept eyeballing us – I have never been able to find her since), Janica Polmanteer, Taylor Matheny, Kama Perry (look at the number '89' on her shorts), and Sofia Monroe
Laraine, Sofia Monroe, Alicia Sorensen, Janica Polmanteer, and Ashley Godby
Taylor Matheny, Alicia Sorensen, and Emily Reynolds
Emily Reynolds, Taylor Matheny, and Alicia Sorensen

Stephanie McGill, Janica Polmanteer, Taylor Matheny, Kama Perry (no more '89' on her shorts - just messing around with Photoshop), and Sofia Monroe
Taylor Matheny, Sofia Monroe, Janica Polmanteer, Kama Perry, and Stephanie McGill
Sarah Jain, Emily Reynolds, Laraine, Precious Gilbert, and Melissa Quinn