Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The People

Back in February of this year, I was on a roll.  I was drive by shooting any and everything.  Most of those photos do not amount to much unless you are me.  Then it becomes a study of how well I can “drive by” shoot.  One of the things I do a lot when shooting like this is capture people.  They are just random people on the street.  I have volumes of photos to put up here.  I have photographs of models, events, flowers, scenery, family, and more.  However, these people deserve a little attention too.  These shots are not “composed” per se.  I photographed them on the fly, captured moments in time for no particular reason other than to capture the moment in time.  I shot all seven photos using my Canon PowerShot S5 IS.  I have literally a thousand photos like this from February – I am just sharing these seven.  For now.

Old man Jenkins on a walk.  No, I do not know the gentleman’s name.  Just a random capture. 
Fontana police.  This is where I would make an unflattering remark but I will refrain.
This is just a strange coincidence.  I do know this man.  Simply by chance, I caught him walking down the street.  No I won’t tell you his name.  I will tell you that he too is a veteran.
Just another random dude.  I like that edge light action going though.
I was in LA at night around city hall.  This is just a snapshot of life.
As to is this – a snapshot of life.  How contrasting there lives are.
Finally, she’s just getting into her truck.  Or maybe getting out – I do not recall.

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