Saturday, August 27, 2011

Power massage pro infomercial shoot one at Shutterstories in Riverside, CA, Part II

Ok, here is part two of the Power Massage Pro infomercial shoot – the individual stills.  These were what I thought were the better individual shots.  As I said before, I shot this all with my Canon Rebel XS using the 18-55mm lens.  Let me know what you think?
And before I go, this is another one of the blogs I follow – Alessandra Zechini.  This one features photos and commentary and focuses on food.  We all love to eat.  Alessandra is the author and she knows her stuff.  I think you’ll like it:

Alicia Sorensen in her fitness outfit.
Alicia Sorensen with her bikini presentation.
Ashley Godby dressed up for fitness and showing how to do the splits so easily.
Ashley Godby showing us her bikini look.
Emily Reynolds with the fitness look.
Emily Reynolds with a second fitness outfit.
Emily Reynolds showing us her swimwear.
Janica Polmanteer in a fitness outfit and showing how to really do push-up.
Janica Polmanteer, who was actually a competitor on “Wipeout”, in her swimsuit.
Janica Polmanteer in another fitness outfit.
Kama Perry in here fitness attire.
Kama Perry in her swimwear.
Laraine in here fitness outfit.
Laraine in her bikini showing off a mean tricep.
Melissa Quinn with the fitness look.
This is Precious Gilbert in her swimwear.
Precious Gilbert again with the same look.
And this is Sarah Jain with her fitness look.
Sarah Jain with here swimsuit look.
And Sarah Jain with a second swimsuit look.  This photo has gotten the most views on my modelmayhem page too.  Thanks, Sarah.
Sofia Monroe showing off those biceps.
And Sofia Monroe demonstrating her version of the push-up.
The follow through.  Sofia could have easily been a soldier – great form.
Here is Stephanie McGill’s fitness pose.
And Stephanie McGill in her swim attire.
Stephanie McGill again.
Taylor Matheny with a fitness pose.
And last but not least, Taylor Matheny with her swimwear pose.

I will do the third and final part of the first shoot for the Power Massage Pro infomercial on the next post.  It is the part I like most.