Friday, November 4, 2011

PMP Shoot 2 at Cardio Fit Sports Club in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.”
--Erica Jong

Whoa Nelly!  Where have I been?  Oh yeah, school full time (carrying 18 units this quarter – I know, insane), the kids – being a single parent is no joke but thank God for grandma, and hustling work because you have to eat and jobs are scarce.  Oh, and all of that other stuff you have to do just to live.  This blog is important to me though and I shoot something with my Canons all of the time so I have to make time to post.

So, here is a post.  The following young women in this post are Taylor Matheny, Alicia Sorensen, Ashley Godby and a young woman whom I was never introduced too.  Moreover, this is a shoot for that dude again.  You remember (rather, I hope you remember), the Power Massage Pro thing.  This was the second to last shoot I did for the guy.  I know…

I do not think I ever showed these shots to anyone outside of that dude.  Again, it was a trade shoot so I retain copyright thus, I can show these to you.  I shot this at Cardio Fit Sports Club, 9950 Foothill Blvd, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  I would give you their web site but it is wacked so no need.  The gym is cool though.  And before I forget, check out the blog, Angy’s Tea Room.  Though I have not kept up with the blogs I like to follow, this one is really cool.  I am not a “fashionista” but I like her blog because I like her casual style of photography.

Ok, these first two shots are of the unknown young woman.  If you know her, tell her I said hi.  Nothing else I can say about that or her except that the reason I do not know her is because that dude did not want me to know – no outside collaboration in his camp.

This is Taylor Matheny.  I did not do anything outside of minor touch up stuff like contrast and level correction.  Now if and only if, there is some sort of blemish – I remove it.  I know that is not “reality”.  However, this is not documentary photography either.  I have been doing some of that because of a class that I am in right now but this is not that.  I photographed this back in October 2010.  Just so you know, none of these women had any “blemishes” that I eliminated.  I was just stating the facts about how I do this.  I digress.
Next photo is Ashley Godby.  Again, the only thing I did here was the minor touch up stuff.
Finally, Alicia Sorensen's photo which is a bit different from the previous two.  Look at the blue color of the wall behind her then look at the same wall in Taylor and Ashley’s photos.  When I started to put the photos together, I started to play with Photoshop and altered stuff.  I will not bore you with the details (unless you ask me).  But I got a bit carried away.
Here is Alicia again, looking regular with the minor touch up stuff.
Now here is the same photo with me putting on my mad scientist hat and having fun with Photoshop.
The rest of the photos feature me doing Photoshop stuff.  Again, if you want to know what I did, just ask.  Otherwise, check them out – they are cool.  Granted, the photos can stand alone on their own merit but Photoshop is a lot of fun.

Ok, for the purest in the world these last two are back to minor touch up stuff.
That is it and the second to the last of the Power Massage Pro shoots.  I know, “how could you possibly shoot again for the weirdo?”  It is my addiction – photography.  I have to fight internally any opportunity to shoot when I know the shoot is not in my best interest.  That is the “how”.  And I shot it all with my Canon Rebel XS using the 18-55mm lens.  Though it was for that dude, it was a lot of fun shooting these young women.

Blog with you later.