Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bella Style Garden Event

I know I have all types of pictures up here but I’m an event/portraiture photographer. Normally what I mean by “event photographer” is BBQ’s or birthday parties and things of that nature. But recently I got a shot at doing this Bella Style Garden Event. It was a deal that celebrated primetime Emmy Awards at the estate mansion of a Ms. Daphna Ziman, founder of Children Uniting Nations. “Children Uniting Nations is a proactive non-profit organization created to bring attention to the plight of at-risk and foster youth.” I pulled that right from their web site. The event was held on Friday, August 27, 2010. I got the opportunity from answering an ad posted by Dave Beyl of Bellafortuna Entertainment. The event, well you can read about it yourself here. This blog is about photographs. And I took a lot of them. Oh, I’m not going to give all that tech data anymore unless someone ask for it. So here are the shots:

So FabuLuxe booth. I thought this was a nice shot of one part of a three piece booth arrangement by So FabuLuxe. This pretty woman made the display. This was one of my top 10 shots of the day.

So FabuLuxe, Rachelle L Jones, the boss. This lady is the creative genius behind So Fabuluxe.

Lo Bosworth of MTV’s The Hills & Daphna Ziman, Founder of Children Uniting Nations. I don’t watch The Hills so I didn’t know who this young woman was. She takes very nice pictures though.

Anita Thompson, Bellafortuna Entertainment CEO. Another boss lady running things. Her company put together this entire event. The little girl was from Children Uniting Nations.

Anita Thompson, Bellafortuna Entertainment CEO & Daphna Ziman, Children Uniting Nations' Founder up there together with the children of Children Uniting Nations.

Anita Thompson, Bellafortuna Entertainment CEO & Daphna Ziman, Children Uniting Nations' Founder again with children from Children Uniting Nations and other women of the organization.

Anita Thompson, Daphna Ziman & Lo Bosworth with Ms. Bosworth receiving an award from Children Uniting Nations.

Anita Thompson, Bellafortuna Entertainment CEO, up close. A very attractive woman.

Lo Bosworth of MTV’s The Hills up close. A very nice photograph. Another one of my top 10 shots of the day.

An area shot of the event itself. It was a really cool deal.

Boniface Skincare with Kathleen Boniface and one of the Children Uniting Nations kids.

Margaret Rowe Vintage Couture Jewelry product shot. She (Margaret) had some really nice pieces on display. Another one of my top 10 shots of the day.

Dalita booth with cover model Andrea Ruiz (she’s incredible) in the center & Dalita Ghazarian, on the right.

These were event goers that I did not get the names of. I wish I did because I’d love to shoot them again. Beautiful ladies.

This young woman was working at the event. She was from Haiti, I believe, and had a heavy French accent that made it challenging to converse with but she was really cool. This is one of my top 10 photos of the day.

Dalita cover model Andrea Ruiz at InStyler® Rotating Hot Iron booth

The DJAEL models. I don’t know their names but these models were pretty and always willing to pose for the camera.

Jeannie Mai, host Style Network's How Do I Look, at So FabuLuxe booth. Again, another show I’m not familiar with so I didn’t know of Ms. Mai (on the left). I’d love to shoot her again if I could.

Margaret Rowe Vintage Couture Jewelry booth with young woman I recognize from something but can’t place.

Here is another event worker. I didn’t get her name either (obviously, I need to improve on my name retention methods) but this is the best photograph I took of the entire even. Yes, the number one photo.

Carrie Ann Inaba, a judge on Dancing with the Stars. Now I know of this show and vaguely recognized Ms. Inaba (only because I have only watched the show a couple of times). She’s a really “real” person and was a lot of fun to shoot. I think everyone liked being in her company.

Jeannie Mai, host Style Network's How Do I Look, on the red carpet this time.

Malina Moye, singer-songwriter & lefty guitarist. And I didn’t know Ms. Moye either but I want to learn more. Women who play instruments are so sexy! I’d love to do a photo shoot with her and her guitar.

The Wright sisters Mena, Yani and Shantee and a guy that works for Ms. Thompson, I believe. Besides looking gorgeous the Wright Sisters also run their own promotion company.

Here is just one of the DJAEL models at the booth. As I said earlier, I didn’t get the name.
A couple of striking event goers whom I do not know. Yeah, that can’t happen again – will always get the names.

Another shot of event workers – these ladies were really nice. These next two shots were in my top 10 photos of the day.

A bit more posing with the ladies of the event. I had a bunch of ideas in my head to shoot these three but they were working and being a model was not the job.

Chase Masterson, Leeta of Star Trek's Deep Space Nine, was also on hand. This is a striking lady and I’d love to work with her in the future (not just because I’m a Star Trek fan).

I took over 800 shots that day but I’m only featuring 58 of them here. This was the first 29 and I’ll do the last 29 next time. This was a lot of fun and I’d love to do this kind of thing again. The next time I’d get everyone’s name.