Saturday, April 21, 2012

Victor Valley Sites, Victorville

As I often do, I will reshoot someone or someplace many times.  Sometimes I’m just testing and other times I’m trying to get it right.  And still other times I’m resurveying a site just to get a different look at it.  Like the difference between how it looks at sunrise versus sunset, for example.  Take this place that’s right off of 7th Street (part of old Route 66) heading towards old town Victorville – just a few steps away from the library.  I’m captivated by this place.  I shot these photos on June 10, 2011.  By now, today in 2012, I have shot here probably 10 times.  Including photographing here twice for model photo shoots and once because I was showing a friend around the place who is also a photographer.  I have used the location for my Victor Valley Project also.  It is like the buildings are speaking to me, trying to tell me what it used to be like here.  Or I am just attracted to decay and aging.  I don’t know but I’ll shoot here again and again until I feel like I have had enough.  So, have a look.
This place, though at the time was empty, is being used for something periodically now.

For rent, I wonder for how much?
This place has a new name now and looks like the hall is once again being rented out.  I’ll have to get back with you with the new name but it’s no longer the California Banquet Hall.
The “La Herradura Night Club” sign has long been gone.  “Reflections” is still painted on the side of the walls though.  I read somewhere that the place was used to film a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s movie “From Dusk till Dawn”.  I should ask George Clooney if he remembers the place.

I am a huge fan of California style Chinese food.  I wonder if this place was good or not.  Nonetheless, I’ll never know.  But I’ll be back with my camera’s in hand.  Oh, these were shot with my PowerShot S5 IS.  Though its old it’s still an awesome little camera, especially for a “point and shoot”.  There’s that aging thing again.

Oh, and a big thank you to Robert Ivan Langdalen for following my blog here.  If you’re a fan of all things make up, you’d probably like to check that guy’s web site out.