Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Huck Finn’s Jubilee Setup

We’re still bringing up the rear to get this photo blog current.  The sad thing is when its current I won’t have nearly as many post going in.  But that’s some time away and for now I have a year’s worth of photos to show you.  These photos were taken on June 15, 2011, at the setup for the 2011 Huck Finn’s Jubilee at Mojave Narrows Park here in Victorville.  The stage company belongs to one of my cousins and though he wasn’t on site (at another event) my brother and crew were there (along with another cousin who works for him too).  The company is ProfoundEntertainment – that’s a plug for my cousin.  Since they were in Victorville, they thought it was a good idea to call me over to record their activities.  And I did.  I did not attend the Jubilee though – I missed Roy Clark – because I had other plans but the link to it covers pretty much what goes on during the event.  I photographed this with my Canon Rebel XS, with the kit lens, and did my minor corrections with Photoshop.  Oh, on some I used the lens correction feature to eliminate the geometric distortion and the chromatic aberration.  How they do that stage and lights frame is pretty cool to watch too.  Have a look.