Thursday, April 19, 2012

Site Survey, Storage Place

Ok, June 5, 2011, I was at our new storage facility (we’re in an apartment so we still have too much stuff) just looking around the place with my Canon PowerShot A540 in hand.  What I saw was a lot of stuff that you had to wonder why someone would pay to store – you know storage places are a relatively new thing.  Do you remember any in the 1970’s?  Just the same, these things also made for an interesting photo or two.  And today, I decided to “cross process” them in Photoshop.  I just redid the post production this morning.  I’m getting very interested in the cross process look.  I think I will use it in my project for school this quarter.  I’m not sure yet but I’m thinking about it or a couple of other looks.  But that’s something else.  Here are some of the outside things stored at my local storage spot here in Victorville.  Have a look.