Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chriskwanzakkah 2010, Part 6, The Conclusion

I’m sick – I have some kind of crud.  I have been sick all week but I couldn’t let that stop me – it was finals week.  It’s my spring break now so I need to pack my bag and head to Cabo.  Or should I stay closer and just run to Vegas?  Or maybe…  Maybe nothing, I have 2 little pirates to take care of and their spring break is a week away.  So I’ll blog.

This is the last installment on Chriskwanzakkah 2010. Here are five ladies (only three photographs) that I took some liberties with in Photoshop.  Primarily working with the shadows and highlights tool.  I like the effect.  On this, my photographic journey, I’m working towards being an artist.  That’s the end goal, having my photographic prints as art pieces.  Like an Alec Soth, Cindy Sherman, or Gordon Parks  (all of who’s work I admire tremendously).  I’m not there yet.  I’m getting closer, especially with what I’m doing now on my projects but I’m not there yet.  And I will bring this blog current.  But this is where we are right now. 
No, don’t remember any of their names but they are fun to look at just the same.  Love those elf costumes.  Southern California is one of the few places you can get away with dressing as such in December.
Those collars, they just let your imagination run wild don’t they?
It’s funny how those plastic blue (or red) cups are always invited to the party.

Three photos shot in program mode like all of the Chriskwanzakkah photos.  I used my Speedlite 430EX flash on all of the shots too.  All photos were photographed with my kit lens, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, on my Canon EOS Rebel XS.  And this concludes my Chriskwanzakkah 2010 coverage.

Oh, before I forget, I just want to say thank you to Mr. Humberto Dib for following my blog and his kind words.  His blog is pretty cool too.