Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chriskwanzakkah 2010, Part 3, The Hula Hoop

Man, I missed some days.  Well, it’s the end of the academic quarter and a lot is coming due.  But let us continue with the Chriskwanzakkah party.  Like I said, this was the December 2010 event and this young lady’s name escapes me.  Nonetheless, her act was awesome.  Catching it with the camera let you see things the eye could not.

 This is cool – this photo and the next are almost the same shot.  This one is without the flash.
 And this one is with the flash.  The contrast is really different and it changes the mood of the photograph tremendously.  And I attract a few gazes with the flash.

12 photos – shot in program mode like all of the Chriskwanzakkah photos.  This means the aperture and shutter speed are set by the camera and I manually set my ISO at 1600.  I used my Speedlite 430EX flash on two obvious shots.  All photos were photographed with my kit lens, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, on my Canon EOS RebelXS.  The next post will feature some of the other dancers of Chriskwanzakkah.