Monday, March 26, 2012

Snowcaps from Victorville, CA

The next day, I rode up to Victorville to talk to some folks at Victor Valley College because I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to school there but knew we would be moving to Victorville.  Again, I had my workhorse in tow, my PowerShot A540.  All of these pictures were taken in program mode utilizing my patented “drive by” photography method I perfected in Iraq during my tenure in the war.  Wow, that just makes it sound cool doesn’t it?
This is what it looks like right before you make a right turn on to Bear Valley Road coming off of the 15 from the pass.
This is staring eastbound down Bear Valley.
After my fact finding mission at Victor Valley College is done, I’m returning to the 15 on Bear Valley westbound.  I’m shooting southwest at Mt Baldy.  Even in Victorville, the setting is idyllic – though most of us are still hustling for gas money.
Speaking of gas money, look at those prices from Jan 5, 2011.

You’d think this was some sort of resort town.  The dichotomy of life here – it’s kind of surreal, unless you’re on the low income side of the equation.  In that case it is very real.

As I said, all photographs were taken with my Canon PowerShot A540.