Monday, March 5, 2012

The Gingerbread House Experience

Back in December 2010, I got one of those, “Can I have a gingerbread house too, daddy?”  Big sister had one for a contest for her class so little sister had to have one too.  And the fella helping her is yours truly.  Grandma (my mom) was the photographer on those three photos.

That’s great grandma (my grandmother) in the background playing her favorite game, spider solitaire.  My grandma passed a year ago.  We still miss her very much.
How’s that expression?
This is my favorite photo of the group.
And this is her favorite photo of the group.

6 photos – shot in program mode using a point and shoot camera.  This was shot with my Canon PowerShot A540 – my old workhorse.  Oh, because I was asked, this blog is just words and pictures about my photographic journey with my Canon cameras.  I’m a photography major and I huge fan of photography.  And I’m a big fan of Canon cameras.  I have 2 point and shoots and 1 digital SLR cameras.  They are all Canon products.  I sometimes use my BlackBerry Torch’s camera and I have a Ricoh 35mm SLR camera too (film).  I have another Canon 35mm SLR camera on the way with two lenses which are interchangeable with my Canon digital SLR – now you can’t beat that right there.  My point is this blog is not about this kind of photography or that kind; it’s just about my photography.  My goal is to bring it current to what I’m doing right now.  After that, I don’t know – we’ll see where the journey takes me.