Thursday, December 2, 2010

Entry 05: The Freebee

I was supposed to finish writing about the Bella Style Garden Event – Part 2.  That was so long ago though.  I will complete it because I took some really nice photos.  However, if keep taking photos and at my current rate I will never catch up with myself.  Thus I need to keep making entries.  And I have been looking at other blogs too – some really cool blogs like, “”.  And, man, I talk (write) too much.  Photo blogs are about photos.  Blogs are about writing.  I guess I need to do a separate blog and do some writing.  If you know of anyone looking for a writer, pass my name along.  I saw on “” that Canon has come out with an EOS 60D.  Granted, it is not a 7D but it cost less too – about $400 less, depending where you buy it from.  I am partial to Adorama.  I do not know, I have my heart set on that 7D.  Nevertheless, let us get to the photos…

These four women I shot for this fella, Anthony, for some promotion thing he was doing.  I let myself get roped into this experience that amounted to a lot of work for no compensation.  Well, at least I have the photos.  This was the last endeavor I did for him.  And I never even got these young ladies names.  Here is the first shot I liked.

This is the second shot that I liked.  I was using five lights: two fixed lights with reflectors, two strobes with reflectors, and my Speedlite 430EX external flash on my trusty Canon XS.  I was trying to eliminate shadows.

Here is the third shot I liked.  The “eliminate shadows” thing worked well enough until I shot with the camera tilted 90 degrees for portrait rather than a landscape view.  This is where one of those external flash frames comes in handy.  Or one of those ring flashes would work very well.  A very nice shot just the same.

This is the fourth and final shot.  I shot about a hundred frames (I think) but these were the four best shots (one for each model) in my opinion.  I was shooting for that guy so this was not something I would normally do but these came out pretty cool.  Shadow or no shadow. 

Well, that’s it for now.