Monday, December 6, 2010

Entry 06: Etta’s Party Binge Newsletter

This is a photography blog.  At least that’s what I keep saying.  I shoot a lot of ‘things’ but I like shooting people more.  My ‘top model’ is my youngest daughter.  She’s a classic ham and camera hog.  She just had a birthday and I captured a lot of it with my camera.  I sent out news letter to family and friends about her birthday with the photos.  They got a kick out of it so I’ll share it here too:
I apologize for doing this in the newsletter fashion but time is very short.  Pirate number two, Etta, had quite a birthday celebration.  As she put it, “this is my best birthday EVER!”  And that’s saying something; she turned five.  It had begun with a birthday party at mommy’s place on Sunday, Nov 28.  She picked up a few gifts (of which the water color paint set has been my greatest source of angst up until yesterday).

And big sister Jennifer (because she tells me she doesn’t like being called ‘Munch’ anymore – also known as pirate number one) made her little sister cup cakes and fruit smoothies.  If that were all she did for her birthday, she would have been very happy.  Fast forward to yesterday, Nov 30.  At school in her kindergarten class, she and some 30 something classmates (wow, how does her teacher do that?) enjoyed cupcakes that I brought just after class began.  Fifth grader big sister, Munch, I mean Jennifer, was able to join her in class (they are in the same school – the first and only time this will happen for them).  Big sister helped with the distribution of cupcakes and managed to eat three herself.  She told me so – two kids were absent and she was given the go ahead ~ so she says.  Etta also got that age-old classic sung to her, “Happy Birthday to You”, and was awarded the ‘Etta’ crown for the day.  Not to mention a new pencil and some other stuff.
On the way home, I asked her if she liked her birthday.  She said it was great!  “I had a party at mommy’s and a party at school”.  She did not yet know there was more to come.  Shortly after we got home, grandma brought in eleven helium-filled balloons for the birthday girl.  I knew there were eleven because we counted them.  Matter fact, we used them as a source for some of the homework we had to do.  Yeah, kindergarten homework – what happened to finger paint?  Once everyone was home, we headed out for dinner – to Charles the Rat (you may know him by one of his aliases – Chuck E. Cheese).
When we pulled into the parking lot, the charade is up; “we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese!!” is all that could be heard.  Pizza, soda, gifts and tokens later – a couple of hours later, we headed for the door.  Munch, I mean Jennifer, and Etta were still fired up.  Whose birthday was it again?  This was when we first heard the proclamation, “best birthday EVER!”  We arrived back at the house to the last act of the celebration – cake, ice cream and a couple more presents.  Oh yeah, and another round of that classic, “Happy Birthday to You”.
Then the reiteration of the earlier stated fact, “this is the best birthday EVER!”  We had run well past bedtime (I was dizzy just thinking about that) and we still had school tomorrow.  Some PJs and teeth brushing and they were off to bed.  The “best birthday EVER!” had closed.  The pictures are from the house and the Charles the Rat portions of the events.

Thank you to everyone who made her day special.


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