Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entry 15: The dichotomy of Jeanilee

Hey blog world!  Where have I been?  Who knows just as long as I came back.  On to the subject at hand, Jeanilee.  Well, I do not know if dichotomy would be the right word because she is not necessarily living an “alternative” life, this is just part of who she is.  But dichotomy is a cool word and I like using it even when it does not really fit.  Again, onto the photos because this is a photography blog – not a word blog.  The photos outside are from our, Jeanilee and I, first shoot together back in October of 2010.  We were in some park taking photos and I never knew how much danger I was in.  She could have attacked me and choked me out then ran off with my camera.  Good thing she does not routinely do those things to unsuspecting photographers.  The photos from the gym are from our most recent photo shoot on the 26 of last month.  “Our” meaning she was in the gym training when I was photographing.  I wrote an article about her gym, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu in Riverside, on too.  Nevertheless, I just wanted to show how you cannot “judge a book by its cover” because you just might find yourself caught up in a “naked choke” with the sleepies fast approaching.  That Jiu-Jitsu stuff is no joke.  The gym photos are of some actual training going on in the gym.  Jeanilee should be easy to spot; she is the only female in her class.  Cool.  You take a look and see for yourself.


Well, that is it for this time.  I will be back with more shots later.