Sunday, February 26, 2012

Collaboration Project

I have this paper due for a class I’m in – I’m a full time student at CSUSB – and it’s due tomorrow.  And I have a host of other things I need to do also – before tomorrow.  But I’m bound and determined to catch this blog up to the present.  So, from October 12, 2010, here are a few shots – documentary like – from the Collaboration Project I went too.  I like going to these things but they are in LA and I’m in Victorville.  Gas is brutal.

LAFD – when I was walking up to the Collab Project, I passed by the fire truck.  They were called out to another studio for reasons unknown to me.

The Brewery Complex land mark.

I met the young lady at the event but have forgotten her name.  I’m notorious for that but this is really an artistic photo.

A little background:  The Collaboration Project is a cool gathering of artist at the Brewery complex in LA.  Kevin Flint is the man behind the project.  And I even have a photo that I took up on his web site – that’s cool.  Oh, Kevin is the guy on the stairs.

Look at the photos on the wall behind the guest.

You know this guy – he was there too.  And this photo is on the Collab Project web site.  Sweet.

I always take photos of females.  I’m a guy.  This one with a flash.

This one without a flash.

Eight photos – aperture, shutter speed, ISO – nothing notable.  For the record, I set the ISO at 1600 and shot in the program mode – it keeps it simple.  I shot this all with my kit lens, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, and my Canon EOS Rebel XS. Let’s try this again tomorrow.