Friday, January 28, 2011

Entry 13: The Female Form

It’s so depressing! Aaahhhh! Unemployment. The official (according to the BLS) unemployment numbers are nine something percent. The reality is that it’s probably around 20 something. You can read about it, it’s all over the web. But this is a photography blog. I only bring that up because I’m one of those unemployed people. The type that’s actively seeking employment. I have been underemployed, a full time student and “not actively seeking” (because I had a hustle that was working for a while). When you’re in that group, you’re not counted as “officially” unemployed. Hell, this blog is a go at another “hustle” – you see that Google ad over there on the right? It’s not there by accident. We all have to eat and I have babies to feed too. I’d sit here and tell you the entire crazy story of how I got from “A” to “B” and the fantastic journey in-between but I don’t have the time and I doubt that you would read it. But this is a photography blog and I’m writing at a fever pitch to finish this post so I can run out and try another “idea” I have for getting some work. In times like these, there are no ideas that are too farfetched. Nevertheless, back to my photography and that Google ad sitting over there. I believe I need to narrow my focus. If this is going to work, I need to concentrate my firepower at a specific target. That’s the Army in me talking but it makes since. So, this is a photography blog, it will be a photography blog about the photographs of women – my favorite subject. Yeah I know; still too broad a focus but we’ll get there. And I have to run, remember? Therefore, I thought I show you a photo of my girlfriend to begin this photographic journey into the realm of my new “niche”.

So, is she hot or what? Fine as wine and just my kind of girl is what she is. She’s always looking good – hair, makeup, and her large sign are always right on time. What? She’s not real? Wait a minute, that’s not my girlfriend. That’s a girl I know from…

Ok, I need to change the subtitle line thing too to reflect where this blog is headed. Women, females, ladies, etc. that’s what I’m going to use this for. Granted, I won’t really be able to live the salaciously hedonistic lifestyle of a Hugh Hefner (I’m broke, remember) but this will be fun. And I take photos of women all of the time anyway. I told you, ladies are my favorite subjects to photograph.