Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It is still cool looking to me

Tuesday (June 14) I was at school (California State University, San Bernardino) taking two final exams.  I have another final tomorrow, Thursday.  After that, the spring quarter for 2011 is over for me.  I will not be back in school until September.  Want to guess what my major is?  We will save that for another blog.  On my way back to my minivan, (yeah, that’s what I drive and I like it) I was popping off the camera left and right.  I actually walked around the campus for a short while and took some shots for the sake of taking some shots.  I will show you that later.  OK, on my way back to the van I was taking photos.  At the van, I shot these because I thought the effect was cool.  And I am using my Canon PowerShot A540, my veteran point and shoot since 2007.

This is the stop sign next to where I am parked.  It is interesting all by itself with its graffiti and bird droppings.  However, it is only important in this set as a reference though.

Now this is the reflection shot – cool is it not?  You see my A540 too.  And that devilishly handsome gent in the red t-shirt that looks like Denzel Washington is me.  Oh, have you noticed the red theme?  Look how you can see the inside of the van and the parking lot.  You can see the “POTS” sign too.  This looks like something done in Photoshop but it is not.  I just thought this was so cool.

Here is another reflection shot with a lot of sky.  In the top sky portion, you still see inside the van.  Man, this was an awesome concept.  I am sure there is a name for this somewhere and the Annie Leibovitz, Steve Szabo, Ansel Adams and or so on have all done famous ‘something, something’ shots like this one – I just never heard of it.  It is still cool looking to me.