Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Imagine the world without cameras – what a strange place it would be.  No photographs.  No films or videos.  Painters, sketch artist, and the like would be highly sought after in this commercial world we live in.  Well, that was a random thought for the sake of thinking about something that does not matter because there are cameras – quadrillions of them!  They are on everything – your phone, the ATM machine, your computer, traffic intersection, the grocery store, police cars, racecars, and that is not counting the cameras that are just cameras you hold in your hand.  Wow, I love cameras!  I love photographs even more.  One of the subjects I like photographing are flowers:

This is a photograph that has been ‘rendered’ in Photoshop.  What do you think?  I do not know the names of these flowers but that is no reason not to shoot them.  I shot this with my Canon PowerShot S5 IS.  For an older camera, it works really well.
Does this photo look familiar?  It is the background photo for my blog.  I shot this back in February in Rancho Cucamonga.  I shot this one and the previous shot that day chilly day.  More Photoshop work.  I shot this with my S5 IS too and took liberty with Photoshop.
I shot this shot in my aunt’s back yard in Fontana while these annuals were blooming in April.  Then I did some creative stuff with Photoshop to create this.  I should print and frame some of this stuff and sell it at show.  I shot this one with my Canon Rebel XS using the 18-55mm lens.
I took this shot in Texas last year.  I have this thing for these wild sunflowers.  At least I know the name of this one.  These things are really weeds – they grow just about anywhere.  No Photoshop here save for the watermark.  The affect was done with my PowerShot S5 IS shooting in the color accent mode.  Cool, huh?

Here is another shot taken with my Rebel XS.  I took this in Las Vegas last year.  Again, some Photoshop work and it looks like a painting.

Ok, I will be back.