Thursday, June 23, 2011

High dynamic range imaging

How about that phone blog entry?  I guess I should not do that because that camera is not a Canon camera.  Oh well.  Once again, I am running around trying to do ten things at once and nothing is getting done, as it should be.  So I might as well put up a quick blog entry.  HDR - High Dynamic Range imaging.  This is badass!!  I did mine with Adobe’s Photoshop but there are other software programs out there.  I will never try them though, I have Photoshop, part of my CS5 package.  I took these shots back on November 5th in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district after attending an art show at Bordello’s Bar (I think they are closed now).  Put the camera on the tripod and shot a bunch of different shots (ISO, F-stop, shutter speed, etc.).  However, I did not try this until a few days ago.  I kept putting it off because…  Life.  So I finally did the HDR and HOT TAMALES!!!  This is incredible!  Oh, I shot this all with my Canon Rebel XS using the 18-55mm lens:

These first shots are just samples of the different types of shots I took.  I took at least 25 different shots of the same thing.  I did not use them all but I wanted a big variety to choose from.
This shot was using just one photo with Photoshop.  After you open your photo, you click ‘image’ on the menu bar at the top.  Go down the pull down menu to ‘adjustments’ then go down that menu to HDR toning.  You can make one of these.  And this is cool – I love doing this.
This is the 'one' photo it was made from.
But that one photo deal pales in comparison to using three or more to create this surrealistic awesome looking shot!!  I absolutely love this stuff!  How do you do it?  Just hit the Adobe link and the video on the site will walk you through.  Too easy!  Now I am going to have to shoot a model with the intent of doing this layered HDR affect.  Too cool.  Ok, I need to go get my kids – bye.