Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So, Now That I have Graduated…

Back on Saturday, June 14th 2014, I graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a BA in studio art (photography) and a minor in business administration.  All that with honors, mind you.  I just love saying that.  The really cool thing that a friend pointed out to me was that back in 1980 on June 14th, we (we went to high school together) graduated from James Logan High School – again on a Saturday.  There must be a meaning behind that.  Just the same, 34 years and I finally got my bachelor’s degree is a good thing.  Though I spent 20 years in the Army in the middle of those 34 years and a bunch of other stuff, I have always been going to school.  I think I have enough units for another degree if I really pushed it but I’m happy with what I have but now what?  Since one of those super awesome careers didn’t fall into my lap, I guess I need to create one on my own.  But I’m always open to one falling in my lap.

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