Thursday, July 3, 2014

…What will I do?

The ultimate goal is to be a working fine art photographer showing in all of those great places where they show work by great fine art photographers/visual artist like Cindy Sherman, Winni Wintermeyer, Lorna Simpson, Andreas Gursky, Carrie Mae Weems, Alex Prager, Dawoud Bey, Alec Soth, Haley Jane Samuelson, etc.  As I am working on getting from point “A” to point “B”, I’ll put in some work doing those other things I like doing so much – event and portrait/portfolio photography.  I think I’ll need a new web site as my art web site, Edward Lance Montgomery Photography, will not really be the right fit for an event and portrait photography business.  Well, there is much to do so I better get busy.  Just the same, I’m always open to that super awesome career falling into my lap (like working at the California Museumof Photography in Riverside or the Kopeikin Gallery in LA, for example).